Paige Wheeler

As a founding partner of Folio Literary Management, LLC., Paige Wheeler has artfully merged her creativity and business savvy to create an agency that is dedicated to maximizing author potential. Prior to forming Folio in 2006, Paige founded Creative Media Agency (CMA) in 1997 and served as its President for nine years. With an entrepreneurial spirit ignited by the thrill of discovery, Paige ventured to support her clients and their unique voices in an unprecedented way. Through Folio she is now able to provide the ability to manage intellectual property rights of authors by selling both domestic and foreign rights, co-agenting film and audio rights, as well as offering the services of a speakers bureau and licensing agency.

What I’d like to represent

I’m looking to represent a broad range of projects. In particular, I’ve been reading upscale commercial fiction and nonfiction books that tell a unique story or ones in which the author has a huge platform. I seem to be especially drawn to a story if it has a high concept and a fresh, unique voice.

  • Fiction: All commercial fiction and Upscale (think book club) fiction, as well as women’s fiction, romance (all types), mystery, thrillers, inspirational/Christian and psychological suspense. I enjoy both historical fiction as well as contemporary fiction, so do keep that in mind.
  • Nonfiction: I’m looking for both narrative nonfiction and prescriptive nonfiction. I’m looking for books where the author has a huge platform and something new to say in a particular area. Some of the areas that I like are lifestyle, relationship, parenting, business/entrepreneurship, food-subsistence-homesteading topics, popular/trendy reference projects and women’s issues. I’d like books that would be a good fit on the Today show.

What I’m not looking for

  • Fiction: children’s, science fiction, fantasy
  • Nonfiction: academic nonfiction

Some favorite (non-client) books

I love Victoria Holt, Pam Houston, Amy Tan, Jodi Picoult, Kristan Higgins, Michael Pollan, Louise Penny, Ken Follett, Lawrence Block, Helen Fielding, Kate White, Peter Mayle, Frances Mayes, Steven J. Gould, Chinua Achebe, Janet Evanovich, Laura Hillenbrand, Dava Sobel, Meg Cabot, Richard Ford, Tracy Chevalier, Philippa Gregory, to name a few.

What kind of writing inspires me

I’m motivated by projects that are commercially viable and that I’ve totally fallen for and can’t stop talking about. I need to be a cheerleader for a project so my enthusiasm level must be very high. However, sometimes I love books that aren’t commercially viable. That’s when I sadly have to turn away projects.

I like books that are well organized, smartly constructed and have a brilliant and unique voice. It’s even better if I learn something fascinating along the way. Don’t just write a story, write it intelligently.

More specifically, in fiction I look for:

  • Plot lines that make sense and are cleverly written
  • A fun twist to a tired storyline
  • Engaging, believable characters that shine
  • Well written, thoughtful prose.

In nonfiction, I like for the author to have the expertise to write the book and the platform to help sell it. The projects should cover a niche that has yet to be addressed and be timely and necessary, or at the very least, interesting.

What I love about my job

I love to be an author’s advocate. It’s a thrill to make a writer’s dream come true of selling their book. It’s even more exciting to help that person grow their career. As much as I’d love to shut myself off from the world and read, I’m also an extrovert and love meeting with people. This job really fits my personality. Also, the individuals that make up the publishing industry are simply wonderful: they’re smart, opinionated, well-read, and a bit quirky.

How to contact me

I am currently open to queries. Please email me your query ( and include the query letter and 1st five pages of text. If you are writing nonfiction, please include an extended author bio and the marketing section of your book proposal. Remember to write “query” in the subject heading. I look forward to reading your work.

Where to find me:

Find me on Twitter and Facebook.

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